Persson Marine Belgium

At Persson Marine Belgium we produce Snipe masts and riggings. Think of us as a team of makers, thinkers, and creators, and above all sailors. Along with our partners we spread them all over the world. Meet us on the water or on shore.

Persson Marine and Jan Persson

Jan Persson, a long tradition in Snipe sailing and building. Back in the nineties Persson came out with his newest design of the Snipe. Upon today his design is the reference for the boat builders of today. Even today Jan Persson is still very active. Only a few years ago he developped a new mast, the Teardrop. Its succes has been proven at multiple championships. At Persson Marine Belgium Jan Persson will stay involved in the production and the development of new products.

The relocation of the production to Belgium

The Snipe and its riggings, such as the Sidewinder or the Teardrop masts, are like one on one connected. A continuous production of these elements is crucial for the Snipe class and his Serious sailing and Serious fun community. Bearing that in mind, the production of the Sidewinder and Teardrop masts has been moved to Belgium as of September 2016.

A number of concerns such as his age, the continuity of the availability, but also the high employee costs in Denmark made him consider to transfer the production.
Thanks to the good relationship that we have built over the last years at multiple Snipe events, our young age, and our insights and passion for Snipe sailing we got his full trust to take over the production.

However, we didn’t want to start this journey without his guaranteed involvement and support. We would like to thank Jan Persson for this commitment. The production has just been moved to Belgium and we will do everything within in our power to make the transition as smooth as possible, and to maintain the high production quality. The well-known and reliable partners will stay onboard in order to change as little as possible and to keep the high quality standards. The profiles and their typical aluminum composition will in fact remain exactly the same according the highest standards. Our main focus will thus be on delivering the products in a standardized and superior finish.

The Snipe

The Snipe is one of the world’s most widely used double-handed dinghy. Every event happens with a “Serious sailing, serious fun” attidude. Want to know more? Check out SnipeToday.org.